Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Big 3

It seems like if built yourself up big enough, had corruption and bad business that you are now eligible for a free handout of billions. Not thousands, or millions but BILLIONS. This is more money than most of us could ever imagine, and it also happens to be our money (sort of). I say sort of because there is not that much money actually sitting there for these companies, the federal reserve and congress will just make the digital number appear and for years to come our tax dollars will go to pay off that imaginative number. With the corruption of Paulson bailing out his friends on Wall Street, with the exemption of his enemy the only bank "allowed" to fail, we now have another large bailout in the work. What gives them the right to do this type of business? They fail because they are obviously not working for the consumer, as consumers are buying Japanese cars that are superior. GM has made amazing strides and lost a lot of money making the Volt which sounds very promising, and their quality is that of the Japanese auto makers, but do they diserve a hand out? What type of country do we want to be? Do we want to be an open market and allow large companies that have done bad business or made bad decisions to fall and cost thousands their jobs? Isn't that what we are supposed to do? Or do we allow them to continue at our own expense? Do they get a hand out with a major revision and if so who gets to make that choice? Should it be the tax payers because it is our money, or our congressmen who are supposed to represent us?

I emailed my California Dem representative about my thoughts of allowing all these companies to fail because it is not our responsibility to allow them to continue. Where they fail others will gain great ground. Companies will fall and others will hire or buy them out. Instead of a curtious thank you for your input, I value your opinion because I am representing you. I received a response saying , "Thanks, but I don't agree with what you just said and am going to do otherwise because I think that is best."

When did the people lose control of those we elected to amplify the majority's voice? Part of the problem is we are not giving our voice enough. Blogging is not enough, you have to act! Whether you agree with me that these companies should not receive bail outs or not all of these options are based on your tax dollar, both now and future's. Call or email your representatives. If they get overwhelming response they are supposed to put aside their own thinking and go with the voice of the people or they diserve to be overruled.

V for Vendetta "People should not fear their government. The government should fear the people."

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