Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Californication's Financial Armageddon

Schwarzenegger announced that the deficit in California has increased by another $3.6 billion making a grand total of $14.8 billion.  How did we allow this to happen?  The people in power are put there by us and held there by us, so we are to blame.  Not only for our bad judgment in putting people in power that love to spend our money, but letting them stay!  The Bureaucracy system has to change.  People need to pull their heads out of the ground and stop approving all these bills that are unnecessary.  If we look into the system you find how inefficiently money is being managed and spent.  The system needs to be rebuilt, but on what grounds and with whos authority?  The people of course!  The government is here to serve us and we put people in power who will make the best judgment which as we can easily see keeps failing.  We don't need to keep electing people that seem cool, or that we can identify with.  Why not get someone in there who is painfully smart and has a group of very smart advisors that can direct us?  Any thoughts or am I just alone flailing in the dark?

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