Wednesday, December 17, 2008

DRM Gaming News

It looks like there was finally a taker in the DRM battle to open up and go DRM free. DRM has been in the news a bit over the past few years, but encase you are not familiar with DRM it stands for Digital Rights Management. Quickly speaking DRM breaks down to causing a major headache for people that actually purchase an item with DRM, and causes no problems to people that want to download the software at no cost. So far the methods used for DRM do not work and it has actually pushed some people to either crack their legit games, or to avoid the whole problem and download a already cracked copy with no DRM. Well the folks over at Ubisoft, who have been criticized for using DRM systems Starfoce and SecuROM, have released their latest Prince of Persia title with no DRM! Bravo gentlemen! I can only hope that this inniciative will help cut down on the piracy of the game. It will be pirated, becasue there are people out there who just do that sort of thing no matter what, but hopfully it will take those that are just avoiding the DRM problem to go out and spend their money. Maybe the gaming community can show UbiRazz (the PoP Community Manager) wrong. I have not played this game yet, but everyone should also take into account that there is still the possibility that sales will not be good if the game is not good. Guess we will have to wait and see. I can only hope that more companies will follow Ubisoft in going DRM free.

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