Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why I don't like Apple

Banned in Cupertino
Apple Failed to Copyright Mac OS X?

Apple made the negative news again today, and I thought it would be a good time to express my opinion on why I do not like Apple. When talking to an Apple person about why Apple is so superior to PC here are the typical responses: "It just works", "It's so easy to use!", or "It's safer and more secure than Windows."

Lets first examine the last response as that is the easiest to debunk. Mac VS Windows vulnerability statistics 2007. In sum of that article Mac had over 20 bugs a month while Windows XP and Vista combined had 3.67. If you go to a Mac store they will tell you that you do not need anti-virus software and do not even have any to sell to you. If a device uses 0's and 1's it can get a virus. Much less a device that is connected to the internet. There are viruses for Mac's and there is anti-virus software you can get for Mac's. The software would not exist if there was not a market or need for it.

Next argument of it's so easy to use. Well I can't argue that too much, except being a PC user I don't agree. I have problems doing anything admin related to the machine, but that could be just me. My argument I always come back with is use Linux. Ubuntu is really easy to use and it's FREE. You also don't have to spend $500+ extra to get a silly white case with an apple symbol on it. Linux is free as will work on almost any hardware, some distrubutions are just as nice looking if not better, and has one of the best support communities around.

The third argument of "It just works." Yes, until something breaks... Then what? Forget about hardware failure because you'll just have to get a new one. There is some Mac support online, but they are difficult to repair. Windows might have more flaws, but it supports an amazing array of hardware and when something breaks there is typically a fix. Even if the fix is replacing a hardware component, it is easy to do so. Or if you don't know how to replace hardware, you can get a PC for sub $400! Try finding a working Mac for anything close to that price.

A final note on this: Stop the cultish following of your belovid fruit! Mac's have flaws, and viruses. If you have to be smug go get a damn Prius so you can save the environment while you breath in your cancer icon.

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